The Lythgoe Family

The Lythgoe Family are best known for producing hit Television shows such as American Idol and So You Think you Can Dance, but their passion lies deep in live performance arts. They have created non-profits such as the DizzyFeet Foundation and Give Kids Panto, both of which focus on giving youth the opportunity to experience and create art.  Nigel was recently the Chairman of the British Academy of Film Arts and created National Dance Day and his foundation Dizzy Feet. Kris is the CEO of Lythgoe Family Panto and on the board of the California Philharmonic. Bonnie and Becky are all members on the board for Save the Arts LAUSD, a foundation that helps under privileged kids experience the arts for the first time. The Lythgoe Family endeavor to create shows for television and stage that the whole family can enjoy together. Entertaining generations from children to Grandparents, Pantos offer this rare and unique experience.




Sheldon Epps - Director

Artistic Director at the Pasadena Playhouse for 20 years. 

Phil McCandlish - Technical Director

35 years experience in Panto. 

Michael Orland - Musical Arranger

American Idol Musical Director for 15 years.

Spencer Liff - Director/Choreographer

Tony Nominated Choreographer. 

Mandy Moore - Choreographer

Choreographer of La La Land. 

Linda Goodrich - Director

Head of University of Michigan Dance Program. 



Patty Onagan - Director of Marketing

Julia Fitzgibbons - Director of Development

Jill Barnes - Company Manager

Alex Day - Production Manager

Kellen Law - Head of School Matinees

Rudy Carbajal - Finance Director